MicroMDM is an experimental project to build a Mobile Device Management server for Apple devices. Our goal is to create a performant and extensible device management solution for enterprise and education environments.


Understanding MDM Certificates

Mobile Device Management (MDM) requires the use of various digital certificates for its operation. But exactly which certificates and the various ways in which they are generated, acquired, signed, used, exported, imported, and managed within an MDM product may not be so clear. Generally speaking a commercial MDM product or service manages most of the complexity related to these certificates for you but in the case of an open source MDM much of that responsibility will land on you. In this post I hope to bring a better understanding of these certificates with the aim that you’ll be managing at least a few of them yourself.

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The community around open source MDM is small but growing. If you’re interested in the project and looking to chat with other MDM developers(and users), the best place to start is the MacAdmins Slack Team. Some of the channels you can join are #micromdm, #dep and #mdm.

We also maintain a list of related projects, blog posts and talks on the micromdm wiki page.